The Ultimate Guide to Living your passions (and doing handstands)

Turn Your Life Upside Down is a 4-week course designed to get you knowing where your passions are. In this course you will get to the heart of what makes you come alive and then start taking the steps toward living that dream. Additionally, you’ll also be taken on a playful journey of strength training, balance and yoga to help you learn how to do a handstand.  

Lauren’s Turn Your LIfe Upside DOwn course is full of practical tools to get you going. Included in the course content is a full illustrated e-book, 7 guided meditations, 5 guided yoga practices and journaling exercises for you to do on your own. 

This course is all about getting to the root of what makes you shine and discovering how you can thrive.

Lauren’s Turn Your Life Upside Down course will:

 Help you discover your own authentic truth

Give you tools to release fear and move forward toward living your passions

Get you physically and mentally stronger

Help build your confidence from inside out and outside to in

Give you tools to achieve all of your dreams

Help to build the strength and balance necessary to learn a handstand

Guide you toward eventually succeeding at handstands (if you want to)


Each week, you’ll receive new course content delivered right to your inbox.
Every week Lauren will deliver to you tailored yoga sequences, meditations and stories to help get you going. 
Here’s how the course breaks down:


week 1: starting where you are.

Where do your talents lie? What are you truly passionate about? How can you identify that?
Lauren takes you through journaling and meditations to get those questions answered. Get to know yourself and get comfortable with your starting point.

The yoga portion this week is all about building strength and feeling grounded. Lauren will guide you through a led yoga practice that is designed to help get you going with the foundational work for handstands.

week 2: what do you want?

What do you really want in your life? How can you use your talents and passions and turn them into success? In this part of the course you’ll begin to create specific goals and then start taking steps toward achieving them. You will start to grow your sense of worthiness, your self-worth. You will start to understand that you deserve to achieve all you desire.

In the yoga portion this week, you will start to build your confidence and further develop the strength needed for handstands.

week 3: taking & releasing control

This week is all about taking ownership of your dreams and releasing fears. Lauren will guide you through some journaling exercises that will get to the deep dark bottom of the fears that are keeping you from achieving your dreams. She will then lead you through meditations to help release those fears.

In the yoga portion this week, you will practice keeping control in your kick-ups and your movements in order to start practicing handstands.

week 4: bringing it all together

In the final week of this course, Lauren will help give you tools to stay on your unique passionate path to success. she will infuse you with inspiration and practical tips on how to stay strong. She will give you tips and tools on how to keep believing in your dreams and how to keep believing in yourself, even when the world around you might be in doubt.

The yoga practice of this week is dedicated to fine-tuning and continued practice of everything that you’ve learned already. You will learn how to better balance, how to keep getting stronger and how to stay brave while you practice those handstands.

This course is for you if…

  You are a seeker

  You know you can live a more passionate life

  You want to get stronger

  You want to know yourself better

  You are willing to work hard to achieve your dreams

What people are saying:

Turn Your Life Upside Down allows us to finally catch up with ourselves. As you progress from chapter to chapter, emotions and experiences long submerged surface. As we confront our wants, needs, fears and aspirations the notion that we are capable of all our desires under the sun starts to resonate. Lauren’s authentic nature teamed with her ability to be so humbly vulnerable is truly inspirational. TYLU is an incredible mix of lighthearted fun and deep reflection that builds a sustainable self-awareness brining participants to their truth, whatever that may be.

-Allison Thorne

As a beginner I came into this really not expecting this much attention to detail. Lauren brings such a down to earth focus and ease to yoga and the practice that I absolutely connect with.

-Steve Whittington

Turn Your Life Upside Down was an insightful journey which enabled me to shift my perspective. Throughout the 4 week course the journalling exercises paired with the meditations and asanas further helped incorporate lessons from the course to my everyday life. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to delve deep within themselves and get in an inversion.

-Amanda Steski

Working my way through Lauren Rudick’s new course, Turn Your Life Upside Down, and feeling inspired. Thanks for creating a course that combines yoga, meditation, introspection, and goal setting, Lauren! 💕 If you’re needing a dose of inspiration + handstands in your life, go check it out!!
– Amanda Kingsmith, M.B.Om

You DO NOT need to be a yogi, have a yoga practice, or even have previous yoga experience to take this course. Just commit today and start working toward your best life ever!