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Yoga Academy International was founded by Lauren Rudick. After a decade in the yoga industry and offering her own brand of specialty trainings and retreats, Lauren wanted to raise the standard of education in yoga. She aimed to start a non-denominational yoga school that was respectful to all traditions of yoga and stemmed from many different lineages.

She called on some of her own mentors, teachers, friends and superstar yogis she looked up to in order to curate phenomenal yoga experiences. The goal was simple: create great quality yoga education. Make it accessible to as many curious people as possible. In addition, Lauren wanted to offer amazing experiences in nature and new cultures for her students to discover with yoga.








On her path to becoming an international yoga instructor, Lauren had traveled extensively and lived on 4 continents. It was through her travels that she felt a deep human connection in joy and kindness. Along the way she also realized how important it was for her to be immersed in the natural world in order to truly find peace in her mind and solace in her soul. With that notion, she created Yoga Academy International– a non-denominational yoga institution based in great education, discovering new cultures and spending time in nature, in order to really embody the philosophy that we are all one.


Dear Yogis & Friends,
This is my brainchild and lovechild, a project that has been in the making for 6 years and finally ready to be shared with the world: Yoga Academy International. 
This is more than an online studio, This is more than yoga retreats. This is more than teacher training. this is a dream come true. Yoga Academy International is a revolution in yoga education. It is a hub for the most progressive and holistic yoga teacher trainings and continuing education in the world and I am so incredibly proud to share it with you. We are raising the standard by which yoga teachers are educated. We are offering continued practice with great teachers so that our trainees can keep learning. 

The foundation of this school shares the same philosophy as my own: start with love, grow from there. Moreover, because of my lifestyle of travel and adventure, it was imperative that all of our yoga teacher trainings and retreats will be hosted in the most stunning natural settings we can find, allowing our participants to disconnect with the outside world and reconnect within.

As always I want to share my experience with you of living from passions and invite you to do the same.

I hope you’ll join me. 
In joy,